Top 5 Wine Bars To Visit in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Top 5 Wine Bars To Visit in Stellenbosch (Western Cape, South Africa)

by Francine Simon December 13, 2017

Want to know insider tips to the finest wine bars in Cape Wineland's centre, Stellenbosch? Read on the best of the best of this quaint town...

As a resident of Stellenbosch for three years, learning about wine culture is a must. But where to go? It can be overwhelming to look for a relaxing place to have a glass of wine or have a quick tasting of some quality South African wines. Stellenbosch is filled with wine in every restaurant and café. 

Here is a list of my tried and true wine bars to pay a visit to on your stop in Stellenbosch:

  1. Simon Wine Bar (De Warenmakt): situated on the corner of Plein and Ryneveld Streets, this is an upmarket yet relaxed bar/lounge hybrid. It has a concise and carefully curated list of wines as well as a champagne and oyster bar just next door to up your level of indulgence. The bar also has gin cocktails and local craft beers for the non-wine drinkers. 
  2. Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar: this is a favourite of local and tourist alike for its outdoor and indoor setting as well as the rustic feel. The wine served here is specifically sourced from their wine farm with select additions of champagne from other brands. They serve snacks alongside their wines for a reasonable price. Not to mention their wines are perfect for anyone on a budget!
  3. Montegray & Independents: this new gem is right next to its sister bar, Bartinney, but boasts a different level of class and style. The bar itself is chic with an old-world feel but just adjacent in the next room, large paintings of birds slash across the walls. They serve wine both from their vineyard and from several other independent wine farms (these change monthly). Delicious tapa style food (with a local twist) can also be enjoyed with the wine you select. Their gin cocktails are not to be missed!
  4. Brampton Wine Studio: located right in the famous Church Street, Brampton is always a hub of activity. Not only do they serves wine directly from their farm, their kitchen is part of Vagabond Kitchens, which caters delicious street food on site. A quirky kick is added by the tables that double as chalk boards so you can sip wine and draw with your friends. 
  5. Wijnhuis: a stylish bar and restaurant, this landmark shows best from its sidewalk seating and sunny courtyard. In addition, they offer 20 wines by the glass and their portion of wine go from taster (15 ml) to glass to carafe to bottle. Enjoy a complimentary bowl of popcorn or move on to sample from their full menu. The spaghetti and meatballs are to die for!

Even if you do not have time to sit down for a glass of wine, Brampton, Bartinney and Montegray are sure to sell you a bottle or two after a quick taste. These bars are located in the centre of town and are all in walking distance of each other so if you are in Stellenbosch, these gems are highly recommended to pop into. 

Click here if you're looking for guided wine tours in and around Stellenbosch:

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Francine Simon
Francine Simon


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