Great White Sharks: A Vanishing Act

Great White Sharks: A Vanishing Act

par Carson eCommerce Collaborator février 15, 2019

Great White Sharks: A Vanishing Act

South African oceans are wonderful for swimmers, surfers and divers alike but there is one thing that scares nearly everyone who doesn’t fully understand the local waters and the one thing nearly every tourist is aware of: the Great White Shark.

The Great White shark is probably the most misunderstood marine mammal as well as the most majestic. With no known predators, the Great White shark puts fear into the heart of man and yet is equally as fascinating, which is why shark cage diving is so popular.

Shark cage dive

One of South Africa’s leading publications the Daily Maverick has reported that Great White Sharks are as good as vanishing from our once shark-infested waters. Numbers are dropping as feeding habits are either changing or declining, something that hasn’t changed in decades. This vanishing act by the sharks is forcing some specialist tour operators to make certain changes.

Shark Cage Diving is a major tourist drawcard for people visiting Cape Town and the Cape Coastal region of South Africa, however, things have changed. The cage-diving experience is still in massive demand but finding the now elusive Great White Shark has become more of a challenge. As a report in The Daily Maverick states, the sharks are moving away from the places where they were once easily found.

Because of this, the places where people could once shark cage dive with an almost 100% probability of a successful viewing, are becoming limited. The considerable decline has in shark numbers in recent years is all the more reason to get out there now - before it's too late. 

Mossel Bay, on the Garden Route, is a beautiful town to visit to get up close with sharks. Experience the Great White shark in its natural environment above or underwater and learn all about these fascinating creatures in a half-day white shark diving adventure.


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Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Carson eCommerce Collaborator


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