3D Maze and Puzzle Walk Garden Route


3D Maze and Puzzle Walk Garden Route

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa, Plett Puzzle Park is a unique attraction offering interactive fun for the whole family. The two main activities are the first life-size 3D MAZE in South Africa as well as an exciting and unique FOREST PUZZLE WALK.

These activities are designed for visitors of all ages to exercise their bodies and minds in an entertaining, educational and affordable way. The activities are absolutely unique and are suitable for children and adults alike. “A maze, is a maze, is a maze?”. Don’t be fooled, the maze’s unique design sets it apart from conventional mazes and surprises most who accept its challenge.

The 3D MAZE is designed to be a challenging and enjoyable life-sized puzzle. The 3D MAZE is a 40x40m (1600m2) timber planked maze comprising of ground-level passages as well as upper-level bridges which span over the passages below. The challenge is to find all four corners in a certain sequence, and then your way out. A “key”, for the first corner is issued to you as you enter the maze. This key needs to be used in the first corner so as to obtain the key for the second corner and so on and so on. After you have reached the fourth and final corner you have to find your way back to the entrance/exit of the Maze.

The 3D MAZE will take about 45 minutes to complete and is suitable for all ages

The FOREST PUZZLE WALK is a path of approximately 350 meters long which meanders through the natural forest and fynbos. Beat the box along the way on 9 word, shape, number, and general knowledge puzzles!

The Puzzles are designed to challenge and promote creative and strategic thinking, but also to promote laughter, family interaction, and FUN!

The walk will take about 1 hour to complete. Suitable from age 7-100!

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