What is a multi-day tour and how will it take your travels in Africa to the next level?

Why Should You Book A Multi-Day Tour With Tours Africa?

by Saskia Carelse June 21, 2018

What is a multi-day tour and how will it take your travels in Africa to the next level?

A multi-day tour is a pre-arranged trip that one can book through Tours Africa that last for numerous amounts of days. Some multi-day tours in Africa are 3 days long, specifically designed for those of you who have a limited amount of time or are on a budget, while other tours go up to 49 days! Most multi-day tours in Africa have themes that run throughout the multi-day tour, such as safari, culture, wildlife or gorilla trekking, while others have a combination of tour themes.

Africa Wildlife Safari Tour

Multi-day tours are ideal for you if you'd like to explore a certain area for a certain amount of days, for instance, if you'd like to travel through the Garden Route in South Africa, or explore rain forests in Rwanda. In fact, multi-day tours are not just limited to one specific area; you can also book overland tours which are absolutely phenomenal if you love adventure and exploring different cultures and countries!

You'll be led by a passionate tour guide(s) throughout your multi-day tour from the moment they meet you at the airport or at your accommodation. From the minute you embark on your multi-day tour, everything will be taken care of for you. You won't have to plan your next move, organise transport, activities or even accommodation. Yes, this will all be done for you by agents beforehand!

The Benefits Of Booking Multi Day Tours In Africa

Personally, the best way to make the most out of your trip in any destination would definitely be a pre-packaged multi-day tour. No planning, stressing or organising from your side; your tour guide will take care of absolutely everything from pre-arrangements to bidding you farewell at the airport once your unforgettable adventure has come to an end. You can totally relax and enjoy your travels without worrying about safety or getting lost. You'll most likely not want to return home when the multi-day tour comes to an end.

Multi Day Tours In Africa

Here are our top multi day tour recommendations


15 day uganda wildlife tour

Embark on this 15 day tour through the East African country of Uganda where you'll discover adventure, beautiful scenery, wildlife and culture! Go rhino tracking and trek with endangered chimpanzees and  mountain gorillas. Luxury mixed up with wildlife.. who wouldn't want to experience this?

View tour -->



6 day southern drakensberg and lesotho tourExperience the breath taking Southern Drakensberg and unique country of Lesotho. Engage with local Basotho tribes and get acquainted with their food and their culture. This tour will expose you to hikes in the mountains, hot natural springs, horse riding and 4x4 drives – a great combination of culture and adventure in the Drakensberg.

View this tour -->



10 Day Garden Route Surfing Tour South AfricaEmbark on a 10 day guided surf tour along the Garden Route in South Africa and improve your surfing skills while experiencing exciting attractions and activities along the way! Your skills will improve and you'll get to experience the likes of Table Mountain, Boulders Beach penguins and bungy jumping!

View this tour -->

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