MEET AFRICA NOW: An Overland Experience Awaits!

MEET AFRICA NOW: An Overland Experience Awaits!

by Shannon De Kock November 13, 2018

If you’re looking to have the African experience of a lifetime, then why not start your adventure with the most comfortable long-haul safari vehicles in Africa?

Tour Africa offer top African safari overland tours come highly recommended.

Both Accommodated Tours and fully-serviced Camping Tours are available. Fully serviced means that guides will set up and pack up all camping gear, you will be provided with meals and drinks. All you’ll need to do is explore or choose from a number of the available activities.

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Some of the ways you can explore Africa in our overland safari vehicle is with the following adventure options:

See the Okavango from an African gondola:

Tours Africa, African gondola, Okavango Delta, Africa

Authentic interactions with the local people is a big priority for our guests and this method of travel ensures you have a real, authentic African cultural experience.

Himbas, Himba Tribe, Tours Africa, Africa

A laid-back approach to wildlife viewing:

Safari, wildlife, Africa, Tours Africa

All paths lead to adventure, so browse through our options and choose the right adventure for you!

With 19+ years of travel excellence, you’re guaranteed a high-quality experience.           

What are you waiting for? Start the most exciting adventure of your life!

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Planning a trip to or within South Africa? Book a tourflightsrent a vehicle and browse accommodation now to get the best rates.

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Shannon De Kock
Shannon De Kock


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