Africa Becomes Most Popular Destination For Chinese Travelers

Did You Know? Africa Becomes Most Popular Destination For Chinese Travelers

by Saskia Carelse April 17, 2018

Travelzoo® forecasts the largest popularity growth of Africa in 2018 among avid Chinese travelers

Surveys show that in the past, Japan and Australia were the most popular destinations for Chinese travelers. Recent surveys now show that Africa has moved up to first place in 2018, with the African countries of Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar and Tanzania being favourited.

"The survey shows a record high number of Chinese respondents, more than 60 per cent, who plan to travel in-depth in 2018. "In-depth travels" is a term used by travel websites in China to describe the type of trips that involve more unconventional journeys beyond the typical tourist experience." -

One of the reasons behind the jump in interest for Chinese travelers is due to the relaxation of Visa requirements for Chinese nationals, as well as these tourist destinations experiencing a boom within their travel sectors. 


The surveys show that beach holidays are the top activities Chinese travelers are interested in, followed by food and wine destinations (see Cape Winelands tours), and thirdly historic attractions.

Cape WInelands

Cape Winelands

"The days when Chinese tourists were entertained by merely sightseeing and shopping are long gone," adds Huang, "the middle class in China are now seeking unforgettable experiences at their own pace when they travel. The destinations that offer rich culture and nature should expect many more Chinese visitors, so we're confident in our prediction that 2018 will see Africa secure its place as the fastest-growing popular destination among avid Chinese travelers."

Africa offers adventure, nature & unforgettable experiences


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Saskia Carelse
Saskia Carelse


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