Richtersveld Tours


Richtersveld Tours

The Richtersveld is the only mountain desert in South Africa. A large part of the Richtersveld has been declared a world heritage site, which in itself, says a lot about how special the area is. This is an unspoiled, undeveloped destination, with mostly wilderness camps with limited facilities. Discover this area on a magnificent tour!

The area gets a low winter rainfall, which has resulted in the succulent plants being the dominant vegetation. Most of the plants survive in the dry summer season, on the mist, coming from the cold Atlantic ocean, that ends up being blown into the desert. Although the Flower season in Springtime (August/September) is the more popular time to visit the Namaqualand and the Richtersveld, certain attractions can be seen throughout the year. 

While on tour in the Richtersveld you will enjoy seeing places less often visited. See rare plants, amazing landscapes, fossils, rock engravings (petroglyphs), shipwrecks, caves, places where the Khoi people lived, fountains in the desert, rare aloes, seals, and other animals. You can also meet the interesting local people, and travel roads not normally used. An itinerary will be tailored to suit you and your group.

Our Richtersveld tour companies are waiting to make your dream come true. Simply click on the link below and fill in the form and you will be contacted by multiple tour operators with competitive quotes and descriptions of their tours. Chose the best one and your Richtersveld experience is about to become a reality! One click, best prices, best experiences.

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