Namakwa Flower Tours (1-6 days)


Namakwa Flower Tours (1-6 days)

Travel to the Namakwa area to see some of the country's spectacular flowers. These tours range from 1 day to 6 days, visiting Goegap Nature Reserve and surrounding towns, viewing wild game, such as gemsbok, mountain zebra, and springbok, seeing the Nababeep copper mine museum and Okiep, once the biggest copper producer in the world, and seeing the flowers at Namakwa National Park.

You will also have a chance to visit Garies and Leliefontein areas, see the Kooh Rooh Kooh development, a traditional village of the Namas, and take in the spectacular scenery of the Anenous pass. This part of the country is best known for its plants, especially the succulents. Apart from the well-known, Aloe Pillansii, Aloe Dichotoma, and Pachypodium Namaquanum, we will show you many more special plants. Some of these have medicinal uses, some are toxic, and some could be used to brew coffee-like drinks. We will share much of this interesting formation with you while on tour. Even if this is not necessarily your interest, you will still find it fascinating, how these magnificent plants can survive in this desert, with very little, or sometimes no rain for long periods of time.

The flower season is springtime (August/September) although certain attractions can be seen throughout the year. 

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