Vehicle hire and transport in South Africa

Are you planning to travel through South Africa and trying to figure out your itinerary? One factor to consider is how you will get around to do the things you want to do. 

South Africa is a vast region and getting around to all of the hidden spots of adventure, solitude and awe inspiring magnitude takes having a set of wheels on which you can gallivant from one location to another.

Here are the benefits of hiring your own vehicle in South Africa:

  • You can take your time exploring 
  • You have some privacy, as opposed to being surrounded by other tourist on a tourist bus/shuttle
  • Allows one the flexibility of discovering South Africa's many varied attractions on offer, thoroughly in your own time
  • You can choose your own vehicle

Here are the benefits of hopping on a tourist bus/shuttle:

  • You meet fellow travelers and interesting people
  • You will have a guide who can show you certain things that you might have missed if you were driving yourself
  • You won't get lost

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