Fossil Park, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa

Visiting the West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa

par Wayne Bezuidenhout juillet 25, 2022

Visiting the West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa.

Along the West Coast road, the R27, mere hour and a half, my first stop is the One Stop Wimpy – a must have coffee for the long road. 10h30 on a Friday morning, I meet up with the rest of group that I will be joining for a three day site inspections and educational's of various activities and accommodation establishments along the West Coast, namely Langebaan, Saldanha Bay and Velddrif.

Welcome to the Weskus (Afrikaans for West Coast)

Hello Langebaan,

My first stop, The Langebaan Boutique Hotel and Spa on the West Coast, Western Cape.

This is the first time I am hearing of or visiting this hotel. The Langebaan Boutique Hotel is situated a mere 10 minute drive from Langebaan city centre, close to Club Mykonos and Laguna Mall.

Langebaan Boutique Hotel West Coast, Cape Town
Langebaan Boutique Hotel, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa.

 My first impression was “I like”. When entering the hotel reception area you get that feeling of open space and everything has that fresh smell and feeling. I like it a lot. Not a dingy lonely reception desk in a dark corner.


Reception Langebaan Boutique Hotel, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa
Reception Langebaan Boutique Hotel.

What is a visit to Langebaan without a lagoon cruise?

Thanks to Club Mykonos for the drinks and arranging such lovely weather and calm seas. Our host, Liezl, the skipper Captain Hans and crew went out of their way to make us feel welcomed while out on the catamaran. All the drinks were lekker chilled. The trip was very educational.

Skipper, Captain Hans, spoke about the Military Base visible from the beach, across the lagoon, (a no-go area), the history of Schaapen Island where one can find white rabbits amongst the sea birds and seals

Tropico, the Club Mykonos catamaran, West Coast, South Africa

Catamaran Tropico, Club Mykonos, Western Cape.

With our feet back on dry land, I head for the center hub of Langebaan for lunch at the Windtown Hotel, which was scrumptious and consisted of hot chips and fillet chicken. Desert was crepes with a orange sauce - this was so good!

The hotel is walking distance to the beach, perfect spot for sea sport lovers, with dedicated showers and washing area for your scuba gear or surf boards, wetsuits and towels, there is no worry of a sandy wet room. 

Windtown Hotel pool area, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa
Windtown Hotel pool area.

My first overnight at the Saldanha Bay Hotel, on the West Coast, previously managed by the Protea Marriot group, now operated under the owners own management. This hotel is situated on the banks of the Saldanha Bay....... a few metres and you at the waters' edge.

Our group chef whipped up a few scrumptious platters for the evening that we enjoyed in the Titanic Room, just a few metres away from the hotel.

Titanic Function Room, Saldanha Bay Hotel, West Coast
Titanic Function Room, Saldanha Bay Hotel.

Live music, supplied by the hotel, who was a local entertainer. With the fire glowing in the harth, merry music, a glass of red wine all added to a relaxing ambiance and evening.   

After all the food and drinks, a good night sleep was had. Fresh coffee in the morning with a buffet breakfast and I was ready for the day. Once again, the hotel showed true West Coast "Weskus" hospitality.

Wayne's welcome at the Saldanha Bay Hotel, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa
My welcome at the Saldanha Bay Hotel.

My next stop was the West Coast Fossil Park. Not knowing what to expect, I had a very interesting and educational tour of the mines, seeing the various bones of short-necked long horned Giraffes, Bears, Sabre toothed cats etc buried in mother earth going back millions of years. 

Skull of Sabre Toothed Cat West Coast Fossil Park, West Coast, South Africa
Skull of Sabre Toothed Cat at the West Coast Fossil Park
Along with a visit to the museum. Plenty of history to be learnt there and I found it pretty interesting. Thanks to the lovely guide, Jamie-Lee.
Fossils at the West Coast Fossil Park, Western Cape, South Africa
 Jamie- Lee the Bones expert at the West Coast Fossil Park.
Back on the West Coast, R27 National Road to Velddrif, over the Berg River and salt planes to the Riviera Hotel, on the banks of the lagoon.
Riviera Hotel West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa
Riviera Hotel West Coast
Quick freshen up and onto the Knot Xtreme cruises. We head up river and the views are stunning. Flamingo's and various birds in abundance. Cold beer in hand and I can get used to this every day. Thanks to the hotel for the on board drinks and snack. 
Pink Flamingoes, Velddrif Lagoon, Western Cape, South Africa
Pink Flamingoes, Velddrif lagoon, Western Cape.

After a relaxing river cruise, viewing the  Riviera hotel, down the road to Port Owen Marina for a snack and beer tasting - hello Charles Brewhouse.

A plate of hot chips (so good had to have seconds) and 5 x 100ml of their home brewed beers. The Sandveld Lager stood out for me.

Micro Brewery, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa
Micro Brewery, Velddrif, West Coast


 A day well spent in Velddrif, great food and beer and good ole Weskus hospitality at its best.

Back to Saldanha Bay for my last night, checking into Hoedjiesbaai Hotel. Still set in the 80's I would say, however, from the 4 course meal (fish cakes takes top honours) hospitality and a good nights sleep, worth the visit. One bonus of my room, was that my balcony was literally over the water; so you can imagine the views looking down and over the bay. Before check out, breakfast time. Probably the best poached eggs / benedict I have ever had.

Hoedjiesbaai  Hotel, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa
Sunset from the balcony of the Hoedjiesbaai Hotel, West Coast.


I really had a great time visiting the West Coast. Their hospitality, friendliness, open hearts (doors) and beauty of the area is definitely one for the books.

Till next time,


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Wayne Bezuidenhout
Wayne Bezuidenhout


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