Let's go to Namibia

Want To Go To Namibia? Let's go!!

par Saskia Carelse octobre 30, 2017

Let's go explore the beauty and uniqueness of Namiba

Have you ever experienced the red, rusty-coloured deserts and dunes of Namibia? Or how about the desert-adapted elephants (the only place in the world where elephants have adapted to survive in such dry, isolated conditions)?

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Don't you find it fascinating that there's a petrified forest that dates back to millions of years ago, or that you can visit a town located in the desert but also has a beach?

Swakopmund, Namibia

Have you seen the captivating photographs of the Himba tribe, who cover their hair and skin with red clay to protect themselves from the sun? Don't you just yearn to see all of this with your own eyes?

Himba Tribe, Namibia

There's no denying the fact that Namibia boasts utter uniqueness. It is definitely one of the most interesting and captivating places one could explore. Word of advice - many of Namibia's roads are difficult for foreigners to manage smoothly, even if you rent a 4x4 vehicle. This is where guided tours come into play!

Guided tours in Namibia might just be the best thing you can do if you want to explore all the hidden gems as well as the main attractions. Your guides will be able to provide you with deep knowledge and also save you the stress of navigating your way around Namibia's tricky roads.

Namibian Rock Art

If you are wanting to plan a trip to Namibia, here are a few tour suggestions for you to consider:


This accommodated version introduces you to the big cats at Africat Foundation, Desert Mountains, the coast, the Himba people, ancient rock engravings and the Petrified Forest. All within just a little more than one week. This safari can be combined with our 3-day Namib Desert to make an unforgettable 10-day combination tour. This tour departs every Friday.


Kalahari desert-Fish river canyon-Luderitz-Namib desert-Sossusvlei- Swakopmund- Damaraland-Etosha- Okonjima. This safari has a fully accommodated itinerary with a selection of lodges and guesthouses throughout the tour. It is designed to give you some of the very best highlights of Namibia´s scenery, wildlife and culture.


A visit to one of the oldest desert in the world – the mighty Namib Desert. These iconic dunes come alive in morning and evening light and draw photography enthusiasts from around the globe. Sossusvlei is home to a variety desert wildlife including oryx, springbok, ostrich and a variety of reptiles. Visitors can climb 'Big Daddy', one of Sossusvlei’s tallest dunes


This safari has a fully accommodated itinerary with a selection of lodges and guest houses. It is designed to give you some of the very highlights of Namibia´s scenery, wildlife and culture. The best known of the Kalahari's inhabitants are the San people (Bushmen), numbering only a few thousand and squeezed into inhospitable pieces of land.

This is just a few of our top picks for you. If you don't see one that suits exactly what you're looking for, we have various other tours to choose from. Should you wish to find out more information on these tours, please contact our office who will be able to assist you and book your experience.

So... do you want to go to Namibia?

Let's go!!!

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Saskia Carelse
Saskia Carelse


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