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Hours of entertainment at Plett Puzzle Park

par Janine Avery juillet 14, 2021

Travelling with kids can be challenging. They need to be constantly entertained but coming up with new and exciting ways to keep them occupied can leave you feeling like you need another holiday.

Thankfully, South Africa's Garden Route offers so much for young ones to do. From frolicking on some of the best Blue Flag beaches in the world, to nature trails through the forests, and wildlife sanctuaries that are home to lions, birds and monkeys, the options really are endless. But one spot that really stands out for its sheer uniqueness is the Plett Puzzle Park.

Promising hours of interactive fun, this is one place that will stimulate both body and mind, no matter your age. 

The Plett Puzzle Park comprises of two interesting activities, the first being a forest puzzle walk and the second a gigantic 3D Maze. We decided to try our hand at these activities on a recent trip up the Garden Route.

On arrival, we were greeted by an enthusiastic guide who showed us the way to the forest puzzle walk. Along the way some boards on the fence post presented some interesting brain teasers as a way to get our lateral thinking going. Then it was time to start our walk!

The guide explained that dotted through the indigenous forest we would find nine different puzzle stations. At each station a unique puzzle would be presented to us and we would have a limited time to complete each one. We were ready!

Moving from station to station, the puzzles ranged from the super difficult numbers and word based conundrums to easier picture-based challenges. We managed to complete eight of the nine puzzles in the allocated time, although it must be said that we did use the provided clues on more than one occasion! While a fun challenge for our strategic and creative thinking, what we really loved about the walk was also just the opportunity to meander through the natural forest and fynbos with birds calling all around.

Thoroughly awake, it was now time to make our way to the 3D Maze. Although we knew the maze was designed to present a challenge, nothing really prepared us for what lay ahead. Whoever constructed this giant maze had a sadistic streak as it comprises of more than 1,600 square metres of both ground level and upper level passages. The goal was to find all four corners of the maze in a set order and once obtaining a key from each corner, to make our way out. We almost gave up not once, but twice, but eventually we wearily made our way out of the timber labyrinth, completely euphoric but utterly exhausted.

Water and a good supply of snacks is essential for these activities that are sure to leave you happily tired. Good thing there's a shop on hand for stocking up!

So the next time you're holidaying on the Garden Route and looking for something different to do that the entire family will enjoy, be sure to give the Plett Puzzle Park a try! Click on this link to book your tickets now. 

Janine Avery
Janine Avery


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