Great White Sharks Are Back In The Cape's Coasts! But Where Were They?

Great White Sharks Are Back In The Cape's Coasts! But Where Were They?

par Saskia Carelse avril 17, 2018

Find out why Great White Sharks started mysteriously disappearing from the Cape's Coast and where they are now

About a year ago, Great White Shark specialists started to notice a decline in the number of these sharks visiting the shores of the Western Cape. It was a worrying time for the people who invested so much time monitoring and preserving the Great White Shark species, not to mention for the shark cage diving industry which is one of the Cape’s popular attractions.

Shark cage diving south africa

The shocking reason for the decline in the Great White Sharks was due to Orcas (Killer Whales). Orcas had begun predating on Great White Sharks for the first time in South Africa! What was interesting was that the sharks were found with their livers removed while the rest of their bodies were still in tact.

Orcas killing great white sharks in gansbaai

While it is highly fascinating for scientists, biologists and ecologist and these killing sprees making for an interesting time for their studies, it has been a time of worry due to the fact that the decline in Great White Shark population leads to an imbalance in the Cape Fur Seals and other marine animals. It also poses a threat to the country’s coastal tourism sector.

Luckily, the Great White Sharks have started to make more frequent appearances along our coasts in 2018, which shark cage diving operators are grateful for. Now is definitely the time to start booking your shark cage diving tours while our shark population is booming!

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Saskia Carelse
Saskia Carelse


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