5 Forbidden Places for Tourists

5 Forbidden Places for Tourists

par Carson eCommerce Collaborator juin 14, 2019

5 Forbidden Places for Tourists

South Africa is a very open and free country to visit. Sure, there are some places that tourists are told to avoid, mainly crime hotspots and places where local residents are protesting. Other than that, things are open for all to visit and have a look around.  The rest of the world isn’t always so and this makes South Africa a pretty awesome place to visit.

Here are 5 places you are not allowed to visit for a variety of reasons

Too Many Snakes

South Africa has its fair share of snakes, not all of them deadly mind you. However, Ilha da Queimada Grande, affectionally known as “Snake Island” not far from Brazil has a lot of snakes. This island holds the record for the densest population of deadly snakes in the world. For obvious reasons, this amazing place is off limits to everyone and even the most passionate of snake lovers are not allowed as it is considered so deadly.

Forbidden places, Tours Africa

Too Many Alien Secrets

Area 51 is a notorious no-go zone in the middle of the Nevada desert. No real or convincing reason has ever been given as to why you can’t visit or even get beyond the gate. So much mystery and secrecy now surround the place that the mystery and secrecy are the very reasons people want to visit. The only thing that comes closes to aliens in South Africa is perhaps the telescopes and observatories in Sutherland that are always worth a visit.

Leave us alone

There are some secluded places in South Africa where you can really get away from it and be left alone. However, there is an island off the coast of Myanmar where an isolated tribe really do want to be left alone. North Sentinel Island is perhaps the most secluded island on earth and the tribe living on the islands wants you to keep out. Not so long ago a coastguard helicopter got a little too close and it came under fire from arrows.

Forbidden places, Tours Africa

Too Many Secrets

Area 51 is supposedly full of alien secrets but there is a place, a library of sorts, that is even more secret. The Vatican Secret Archives is filled with secret and very private documents that date back to the earliest times of the Catholic Church. Only a handful of people have been inside the vaults and seen letters such as those sent by Mary Queen of Scots to Pope Sixtus V on the evening of her execution. No one really knows what is contained in the vaults that some say has evidence of magic and dragons that should never be revealed. Oh well, if the sign says “keep out” you had better do as it says

Cool Drink, Anyone?

This has to be one of the most wonderful of all the places you cannot get into. It is not really a place but a safe and it contains what some would say is the best-kept secret in the modern world. We are talking about the safe where the secret recipe to Coca Cola is kept. It is said that only two people at any time are ever aware of what the secret recipe is and that there are back plans to keep the safe secure in the event of a bomb or even a plane crashing into the place the vault is in. It is pretty certain then that this place cannot be visited and even if you tried it would be close to impossible.


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Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Carson eCommerce Collaborator


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