What's on Your Travel Bucket List?

What's on Your Travel Bucket List?

by Francine Simon January 24, 2018

Our thoughts and guide to planning a travel bucket list instead of New Year's resolutions

Recently, with the New Year upon us, I have been reading a lot of articles about New Year's resolutions and how to make sure you achieve them in your 2018. I've also read many a South African bucket list but. Sometimes, no matter now realistic your life goals (or travel goals) can be, you may not be able to keep up with them; especially that pesky no sugary treats rule or a month-long holiday to Europe. 

There are so many places to go and that are open to us as travellers that instead, I decided to compile a short travel bucket list for South Africa. Exploring my country is very important to me and I find it incredibly enriching to see new places in South Africa. 

Here is my South African Travel Bucket List for 2018:

  1. Visit the West Coast of South Africa: I have always wanted to visit the furthermost West Coast up from Cape Town. Not only would it be any seafood lover's dream but the idyllic fishing villages and fresh sea breeze would be great for a weekend away.
  2. See the Namaqualand flowers in Spring 2018: This is such a spectacular natural event in photographs that seeing the amazing spring flowers is a must-plan trip for the later half of the year. Starting from early August, there are many towns and areas to visit during the Spring; Darling and the Cederburg region come highly recommended. 
  3. See the Big 5: Although I have been to many National Parks and Game Reserves, I have never seen all of the Big 5 animals (Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard). This has been a kind of an ambition since I was a child who loved all things animals but especially South African animals. There are several places to do a game drive around South Africa. View the list here. I will have to hold thumbs to see a leopard!
  4. Go to the Karoo: The Karoo is another iconic place in the Western part of South Africa. It is a great place to relax and have a digital detox. I would prefer the camping route to really emphasise this aspect of the desert-like Karoo. There are great farms and nature reserves to stay at in places like Montagu which I'm definitely looking forward to spending a weekend! 
  5. Eat fish and chips at Kalkys: I love Kalk Bay. It's one of my personal favourite seaside towns to visit in the Cape and though I've been several times, I've never been to to popular landmark, Kalkys. Known for the best fish and chips, locals have mentioned this spot to me time and time again. If you are making a Cape Peninsula tour or Best of the Cape tour, this seems to be worth a try!


Kalk Bay


So there you have it!  My objective with this list was to be as realistic as possible so my travels can be achieved and therefore, my 'resolutions' can be attainable. I think this is the most practical. What's on your travel bucket list?

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Francine Simon
Francine Simon


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