St Lucia Estuary Charter Fishing


St Lucia Estuary Charter Fishing

Experience a day on the wide-open blue Indian Ocean. Fish caught are seasonal and varies from King and Queen Mackerel, Mai Mai (Dolphin Fish), Yellow Fin Tuna and other local species. Big Game Fish like Marlin and Sail Fish is part of the hunt, but only on a catch and release basis. 

The Vessel is normally between 8.3 and 9.1 meters with twin four-stroke 200Hp outboard motors. Large enough for a comfortable day on the ocean and small enough to launch through the surf. The launch into a raising son over the East Coast of Africa can only be described as spectacular.  

All Fishing Tackle and Bait are supplied.  

The thrill starts with the ride on the Ski Boat (South African name for surf launched ocean-going vessel) pulled by an Agricultural 4x4 Tractor. This trip reaches the beach by sunrise. At the launching site, the captain will offload the boat onto the beach sand. You will receive a full safety briefing and what to expect going through the surf. If the Captain feels the conditions are unfavorable he will probably suggest waiting an hour or cancelling the trip. At this stage, you will receive a full refund.

The Launch is where the butterflies inside your tummy turn into flying dragons and all kinds of knots start forming. This is why we call it God's roller coaster. It reaps havoc on your balancing systems and overloads all your sensors. It is said to be the most fun a human can have with their clothes on. 

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