Sardine Run, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa


Sardine Run, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Experience the annual Sardine Run, spending time out at sea interacting with the largest migration of sardines, along with the massive activity of dolphins, whales, seals, penguins, sharks, and birds! Your guides are certified Sardine Run specialists, sought after by international film crews and underwater photographers, with over 20 years of Sardine Run experience! 

Millions of sardines migrate along the east coast of Africa following a cool inshore current, which is known as the Sardine phenomenon. Superpods of c ommon dolphins can be seen chasing shoals of fish into a tight bait ball, which results in a feeding frenzy attracting dolphins, penguins, sharks, whales, seals and sea birds. This incredible phenomenon is famous with photographers, divers and adventure seekers from around the globe! Enjoy a multi-day/night accommodated Sardine Run tour in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

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