Half Day Modjadji Experience in Tzaneen (Limpopo, South Africa) - incl. transport

Spend time immersing yourself in the cultural experience of South Africa's only queenship 

  • Take the opportunity to learn about the fascinating culture of the Modjadji queendom in its homeland
  • Visit the Modjadji Royal Kraal where a local guide will provide you with interesting insights into the legendary Modjadji (or Rain Queen) of the Balobedu tribe. This is a century old dynasty, passed down from mother to daughter. The queen was and is heralded for her rain-making powers as believed to be the reason for her tribe’s prosperity. In the past, she was revered and even the great Zulu king, Shaka, sent his emissaries to her for her blessings on his kingdom
  • Pay a visit to the Royal Palace of Modjadji with your guide who will help you to gain an insider perspective into what life is like in the Palace. He will also explain some of the traditions and beliefs of the Balobedu people, including the ‘hut-opening’ ceremony to determine the royal successor
  • Currently, the throne is vacant because of the sudden death of the sixth Rain Queen. Her daughter, the twelve year old princess, is not of ruling age yet, however, she will take the throne after turning eighteen years old
  • End your time with a scrumptious picnic lunch under the trees of the Modjadji Cycad Reserve where you can see the Modjadji cycad (Encephalartos transvenosus) growing in large clusters on the surrounding hills of the reserve
Duration: 6 hours
When: All year round
Where: Tzaneen
Weather: Weather permitting
What to Wear: Comfortable clothes and shoes
Things to Bring: Hat, camera, sunglasses and sunscreen
Inclusions: Transport, tour guide, picnic lunch
Exclusions: Drinks, personal purchases, gratuities

*This tour involves some walking

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