Free Roaming Primate Sanctuary

Visit the Primate Sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Visit the worlds first free roaming multi-species
Primate Sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
The primates are happy, healthy and they are not caged. The Primates are free to roam the indigenous Monkeyland forest
The safaris are conducted by multi-lingual game rangers and are fun, exciting and educational to give you greater understanding of the primates of the world and the threats they are facing.
See a variety of primates on a Guided Safari, ranging from the Gibbons of Asia to the Lemurs of Madagascar. More than 700 primates live at the sanctuary. During the guided tours, knowledgeable rangers will tell you all about the fascinating primates as you encounter them.
This is a true sanctuary as the animals are protected, not only from hurt, but also against exploitation, harassment, abuse, neglect and improper care.
A monkey safari is much more than just an unforgettable forest adventure; it is the vehicle that allows you to become part of our rehabilitation process. You help to provide the safe haven, for the primates, in our care by supporting us.

Type: Day Tours

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