Abseil in Cullinan (Gauteng, South Africa)

Experience incredible views with this 3-hour abseiling session

  • Step off the top of the Muningi Gorge into pure vertical space

  • Be surrounded by the quintessential views of Muningi Gorge

  • The operation takes place on a daily basis (weather permitting)

  • Professional guides will accompany each small group, of between 2 and 13 people, ensuring strict safety standards all the while providing an educational experience about the nature and geology of this area

Duration: 3 Hours
When: 7 Days a week 
Where: Cullinan, Gauteng, South Africa
Weather: WEATHER PERMITTING (not operational if it is raining on top of the Mountain, over the abseil site)
What to Wear: Comfortable clothes, shoes, warm jacket
Things to Bring: Camera (for photos of the spectacular views whilst on your hike back to the top)
Minimum Age: 8 Years
Group size: 2 - 8 People per session
Fitness Level: Average
Inclusions: Fully qualified guides with abseil gear

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