Shark Dives KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Shark Dives KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

For the avid diver, shark diving makes seeing the big five on land pale into insignificance. This is a must-do experience for photographers, adrenaline junkies, and shark fanatics. Travel to some of the best-known sites in KwaZulu Natal where you can enjoy a close encounter with Tiger Sharks or Ragged-Tooth Sharks.

Enjoy interacting with one of the top apex predators without a cage. See these magnificent creatures in all their splendor in their natural environment. Although most shark dives use baiting techniques, these mimic the natural feeding pattern of the sharks as close as possible and do not induce a feeding frenzy at any stage. Whilst waiting for the sharks to appear there is such an abundance of fish life around that one is never bored.

One sometimes also has other visitors including Hammer Heads, White Tip Reef Sharks, Great Whites, and Dusky Sharks. Other species include the Potato and rare Torbino Bass, Rays, and Eels - the list is endless.

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