Scuba Dive Cape Town, South Africa


Scuba Dive Cape Town, South Africa

Diving around the Cape coast offers a huge range of possibilities: from majestic kelp forests to cold-water coral gardens and deep reefs. The Cape waters are also littered with thousands of shipwrecks that vary in depth from 12m to 40m.

With the unique positioning of the peninsula at the junction of two major ocean currents, this is also a biodiversity hotspot due to the numbers of endemic animals living in these waters. The shallower reefs are colourful with kelp forests and delicate marine organisms, while the deeper reefs host sea whips and fans, an abundance of reef fish, small sharks, octopuses, nudibranchs, crabs, sponges, and cold-water corals. A smorgasbord of delights for any scuba diver!

The Cape's magical kelp forests, also offer scuba divers the chance to see 6 species of shark, many of which can only be seen in South Africa. These are spotted gully sharks, puffadder shy sharks, dark shy sharks, Pajama catsharks, leopard catsharks, and seven-gill cow sharks. You can also meet some of the best dive buddies you will ever have, the Cape Fur Seal. Dive with up to 40 of these energetic characters at a time. The fur seals are masters of the underwater world and they will amaze you with their acrobatics. 

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