Meerkat Tours


Meerkat Tours

Enjoy a tour with wild habituated meerkats in Oudtshoorn. Meerkats are part of the so-called Shy 5 which also includes the bat-eared fox, the aardvark, porcupine, and aardwolf.

The meerkat tours last between 2-3 hours and booking is essential. Upon arrival at the meerkat burrows, guests are treated to a hot cup of coffee, after which they are issued with a lightweight aluminum chair to sit in while observing the meerkats as they come out of the burrow into the sunshine and then go about their daily routine of foraging and frolicking. These habituated wild animals are never fed or handled by humans.

Tours are presented by JD Glinister, and his team. It is a fantastic experience and unique privilege to get this close to these little creatures in the wild.

Tours priced from R660per person. No children under the age of 10 years allowed as you have to sit very quietly in order not to scare the little creatures. Babysitters can be organized at an additional fee.

These tours commence only at sunrise are dependent on fair weather, since these little creatures will not venture outside their burrows on cold and rainy days.

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