Catamaran Cruises Mozambique


Catamaran Cruises Mozambique

There is little more romantic than making your way under full sail aboard a luxury sailing yacht from island to island in Mozambique. You can enjoy a sense of adventure and to some extent tradition, yet without forgoing the opportunity to relax, eat fine foods, socialize and visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

There is no better feeling than being onboard and clipping through the waves with the Mozambican sun on your face. Or watching stars come over the Mozambique waters with a glass of wine.

Choose between a day cruise from Maputo to Inhaca Island or Portuguese Island or a combined tour visiting both Inhaca and Portuguese Islands. You can also enjoy a sunset cruise inside the bay of Catembe or visit Xefina Island where you can enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the downtown skyline of Maputo when the sunsets. 

Price from $165 per person.

The day cruises take a minimum of 6 guests. Your cruise includes free soft drinks, fruits, and snacks. 

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