Benefits Of Booking Your Local and International Flights Through Tours Africa?

Did You Know The Benefits Of Booking Your Flights Through Tours Africa?

von Saskia Carelse Juli 13, 2018

Here are some great value-added services that come with booking local and international flights through Tours Africa 

Booking your domestic and international flights through Tours Africa has never been easier. We provide various benefits that make your trip that much more convenient, affordable and fair. In addition to Tours Africa bringing in a booking engine especially for customers using US$, read below to find out the benefits of booking your flights through Tours Africa.


Cancellation Refund - Anytime, any reason

Full Cancellation Refund Flight Booking

When unforseen circumstances occur and you need to cancel your flight, we'll guarantee a full refund of airfare and taxes. With this product you can book now and cancel up to 48 hours prior to departure of any international flight, whereas most airlines usually only offer a partial refund.

Ts & Cs
  • Only available for international bookings
  • This product must be purchased when you book your ticket - it's not possible to add it afterwards
  • Should you be refunded, we'll only refund the airfare and taxes - no refund for any extra costs from your booking
  • Please note that processing time of your refund can take 6 – 8 weeks
  • This service does not cover airline cancellation, liquidation/suspension, car or hotel reservations
  • Only valid for flights cancelled before outbound travel has commenced

Cancellation Refund - Medical

Medical Cancellation Refund Airline Flights

This product allows you to cancel a flight and get a full refund of airfare and taxes in the event of sudden illness, hospitalisation or death of yourself or a close relative prior to departure.

Ts & Cs

  • The term “close relative” refers to a husband, wife, partner, child or grandchild, brother, sister and a parent or grandparent
  • Must be purchased at the time of booking your ticket
  • Processing fee of up to R250 per person could be payable upfront
  • Only valid for flights cancelled before outbound travel has commenced
  • You will need to provide official proof, provided within a week of cancellation (proof: doctor's note, death certificate, hospital admission/discharge form)
  • Proof of relation must be provided (in the form of a certified affidavit) should the last name of the traveller not correspond with the ill person
  • Should you be refunded, we'ill only refund the airfare and taxes - no refund of any extra costs from your booking
  • Please note that processing time of your refund may take up to 6 – 8 weeks


Flexible Travel Dates

Flexible Airline Tickets

With Flexible Travel Dates, all passengers in a booking can make one date change to a flight without paying additional airline penalty fees. To make your travel more flexible, the date change may be requested up to 24 hours prior to departure. Not all airlines accept date changes but with this product, you can change the date on all airlines. For date changes, airlines usually charge a penalty fee that could cost more than your original ticket. With the Flexible Travel Dates product, no airline penalties will apply.

Ts & Cs

  • If the price of your re-booked ticket is higher, you'll be required to pay the difference in airfare and taxes
  • For international travel, you will only receive one date change. All changes must be done PRIOR to original departure date on the ticket
  • For domestic travel, you will receive one for your outbound flight and one for your inbound flight. Changes must be done 24 hours PRIOR to the departure of outbound or inbound travel
  • You can change your travel to any date within the validity of your ticket (can vary between 1 – 6 months) - the validity of your ticket is determined by the airline’s policy
  • This product only covers date changes and may not be used for traveller name changes, rerouting, stopovers and class upgrades
  • Changes to origin/destination airports and airlines are not permitted
  • If you are departing in more than 48 hours, date changes will be processed during normal office hours from Monday to Friday 08:30-17:00 and Saturdays 09:00-13:00
  • If you are departing in less than 48 hours, emergency requests will be processed 7 days a week, from 07:00 to 01:00

Delayed and Lost Baggage Protection

Delayed Lost Luggage Insurance Flight Bookings

Track and expedite the return of your delayed or lost baggage after landing. If your luggage is not returned after 96 hours of landing, our partner Blue Ribbon Bags will pay you USD1000 per bag, guaranteed. One purchase covers all your checked baggage. Add Delayed and Lost Baggage Protection to your booking and receive service agreement within 48 hours. If you land and your baggage is undelivered, first notify the airline that your baggage did not arrive at your flight’s end point.


Visa Denied Service

Visa Denied Insurance Airplane Flight Booking

Purchasing the Visa Denied policy allows you to claim back the cost of your flight ticket in the case your visa application is rejected by an Embassy. This product is only available if your departure date is more than 14 days from the day you make your booking.

Ts & Cs

  • You're booking an international return flight
  • You're a South African passport holder - passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return and have at least 2 adjacent pages for your visa stamp
  • You've applied for a tourist visa - not valid for business visa applicants, immigration, working holiday etc.
  • You do not have a criminal record and you've never been denied entrance into a country before
  • Ensure you have enough time to apply for a visa (e.g. you won’t be covered if you apply for a Schengen Visa 1 week before your departure when the recommended application time is at least 4 weeks before you fly)
  • Always submit correct documentation as per the embassy/consulate when applying for your visa
  • The Visa Denied Service must be purchased at time of booking/payment and can only be purchased up to 14 days prior to departure
  • The Visa Denied claim will not be paid out if the embassy rejects the application due to insufficient time to process the visa, incorrect, falsified or missing documentation, insufficient funds, existence of a criminal record, a history of being deported or being denied entry into a country, expiry date of passport falling within 6 months after return date, no blank pages available in passport
  • The claim is paid out upon submission of a Visa Denied notification from the embassy – this notification must be sent within 7 working days of receipt of denied notification

Premium Service Package

Premium Service Flight Bookings

Booking the premium service package entitles you to dedicated help with securing all your flight specifications. After completing your booking, email us your travel requests for seating, meal preferences, check-in, wheelchair assistance and more. With this service, an agent will assist by processing your requests to the airline in question.

Ts & Cs

  • We can only make a request to the airline in question and can not guarantee that they will confirm your request
  • Some airlines and low cost carriers might not offer a particular service eg: pre-seating and meals - many airlines keep their emergency exit seats for their members or restrict the allocation to check-in only
  • Airlines often charge extra costs for special luggage and sports equipment, which will be charged by the airline at the airport - extra costs are not covered by the Premium Service Package; we'll advise you accordingly if extra costs may apply


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Saskia Carelse
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