5 Things You Can Only Do Within South Africa

5 Things You Can Only Do Within South Africa

von Carson eCommerce Collaborator Juli 26, 2019

5 Things You Can Only Do Within South Africa

Every country in the world seeks to offer tourists something unique. South Africa has so much to offer and this is what makes it a place very often revisited. In South Africa, there is simply not enough time to take in every experience. Very often it is only once a tourist is on the plane home that they realise there was something amazing that they missed!  Among the unique things to do in South Africa are some hidden gems. Here are 5 things you can only do in South Africa!

Tee off from a mountain

South Africa has some of the best golf courses in the world and golf is a very lucrative tourism niche for the country. However, there is a golf experience that is so unique, it adds an adrenalin rush to gentlemen’s game. The Legend Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo is home to the highest and longest par 3 hole in the world. Yes, the so-called 19th hole sits 400 metres up, on top of a mountain where golfers are taken by helicopter to a tee off with a very impressive view.

The Legend Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo

Visit a fake beach

Another top reason why people come to visit South Africa is for its beaches and oceans. However, South Africa is also the home of one of the best man-made, inland beaches in the world. The world’s only artificial beach can be found not far from Johannesburg at Sun City. The uniqueness of the “Lost City” creates a wonderful family fun environment where you can tan in the sun nearly all year round and even learn to surf.

Drink Rooibos Tea where it grows

Rooibos tea is available in almost every supermarket in the world today. However, what many people do not know is that this herbal tea only grows in a very limited geographical location, in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape. The tea has been a popular beverage since the 18th century and the only place you can drink this tea where it’s harvested is in South Africa.  In and around the Cederberg you can not only enjoy a cuppa tea but a variety of drinks and foods infused and made from the famous Rooibos plant.

Have a bath in a forest

For many people having a bath under the trees in a forest is something only seen in dreams. What if we were to tell you that South Africa can make this dream come true? Away with the Fairies is a unique guest hostel located in the Amathole Mountains in the Eastern Cape. There is a unique bath experience that can be booked in a tub filled with hot water heated by a log fire in the forest. The view from the bathtub is amazing and for 30 minutes you can wallow in the warm water and drift away under an African sky.


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Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Carson eCommerce Collaborator


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