Sardine Run 2020 All Inclusive Tours

Every year between the months of May to July, billions of sardines (Southern African pilchard Sardinops sagax) migrate in a band up along the eastern coast of South Africa. The Sardine Run is the world's largest migration of fish, and draws in millions of marine predators - resulting in the largest feeding frenzy in the world! People from all across the world flock to the coastlines of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces during this time, to witness the insane activity of dolphins, marine birds, fish, sharks, whales and other large predatory fish.

Sardine Run tours South Africa 2019

Booking a tour of the annual Sardine Run is an essential bucket list goal for every adventure traveler and nature lover! Most accommodated tours last a couple of days where you'll spend ample time in the ocean where all of the hype happens! You'll have a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the feeding frenzies and mind-blowing marine activity up close and personal. Browse through our various Sardine Run tours below and don't think twice about booking. Sardine Run tours are high in demand and sell out faster than any other tour in South Africa!

The coronavirus has impacted on the way we would like to participate in tours and activities.

If you wish to book an exclusive trip, let us know and we will quote you so that you and your selected friends, 8 pax, will have an exclusive experience.

To book your 2020 Sadine Dive, email me at or give me a call for more info on+27 (0) 741794463

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