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Western Cape Economic Development and Tourism opens applications

by Janine Avery May 24, 2021

On the 13th of May 2021 applications opened for the SMME Booster Fund 2021 which will distribute up to R20 million to organisations and municipalities for programmes that focus on supporting small businesses to grow and improve their sustainability so they can create more jobs in the Western Cape.

Run by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, the SMME Booster Fund 2021 is calling for any existing SMME business development projects based in the Western Cape, especially those that support rural, township-based, youth and women-owned businesses to apply.

The closing date for applications is Monday, 7 June 2021 and all information and application details can be found on the Western Cape website:

In the previous iteration of the SMME Booster Fund, through the allocation of funding to 16 beneficiaries like the Innovator Trust and Edge Growth amongst others, the Western Cape was able to support over 350 businesses to grow and improve their sustainability creating much-needed jobs.

Glynn Mashonga, the CEO of Globescope Security, is one business that benefited from the support of the SMME Booster Fund, Innovator Trust. This has helped her to increase her turnover, open a new office and hire more employees.

The Innovator Trust supports small businesses in the ICT sector through their Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes and Globescope Security received assistance through a host of workshops and webinars, a dedicated mentor and coach, accounting services, certification training, computer training and business linkages.

Michael Fortune, the CEO of Integrum Global Solutions, a PPE supplier, also benefited from the support received from Edge Growth which runs Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes for businesses and state-owned enterprises.

Through the funding provided to Edge Growth, Integrum Global Solutions benefited from participation in their business bootcamps, access to a dedicated mentor, assistance with a digital marketing campaign and access to an accountant.

We look forward to seeing the many success stories that will emerge from the 2021 SMME Booster Fund and encourage all relevant organisations in the Western Cape to apply.

Now, more than ever, we need to work together to ensure businesses are supported and are operating safely and responsibly, so that we can save jobs and rebuild the economy in the Western Cape.

Janine Avery
Janine Avery


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